Bossier native Brandon Barrera brings “The FP” to RFC

Actor/producer and Bossier City native Brandon Barrera, who co-stars in the new comedy “The FP,” will appear at a few late-night screenings of the film at Robinson Film Center in downtown Shreveport this weekend. “The FP” is an over-the-top satire of gang warfare films like “The Warriors” and cheesy fighting dramas like “Kickboxer,” only instead of fighting, these hardened street gangs face-off in the deadly sport of Dance Dance Revolution. If you’ve never heard of Dance Dance Revolution (or “Beat Beat Revelation,” as it’s been renamed for the purposes of this film): a) congratulations on being less of a nerd than I am, and b) it’s a video game where players compete by dancing along with on-screen instructions that become harder and harder to follow as the game progresses. Rumor has it, there may be big-screen video gaming before the film screenings. Watch the trailer for “The FP.”

“The FP” is rated R for pervasive strong language, nudity, and sexual content. It’s definitely a film that the late-night crowd will love, but don’t even think about bringing the kids – despite the video game theme. It screens at 10 p.m. each night, April 27-29. Tickets are $7-$9. For more information, contact The Robinson Film Center box office at (318) 459-4122.


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