Twine Offers Good Food, Cool Vibe

I’m not the first or the most talented blogger to extoll the virtues of Twine, a new restaurant at 1513 Line Ave. in Shreveport, but I’m happy to be among a growing chorus of those doing so. Savoring Shreveport & Bossier City published this fun write-up of the restaurant shortly after it opened, and I actually bumped into that blog’s author during my recent visit. As the Savoring Shreveport & Bossier City folks rightly point out, Twine has a laid-back, cool atmosphere. What struck me about the design of Twine is that it combines the basic logistics of an old-fashioned lunch counter (an “L”-shaped bar/lunch counter runs the length of the dining room) with the aesthetics of a museum cafe. I bellied-up to the counter out of habit.

An image of the dining room at Twine restaurant
Twine: Tea and Wine on Line Avenue in Shreveport

Menu offerings are of a soup-salad-sandwich variety. What may sound common on paper (or, to be more accurate, the restaurant’s giant chalkboard) can be decidedly uncommon on the plate. Twine’s chicken salad sandwich ($7), for example, is among the best I’ve ever eaten – tender chunks of chicken, celery, dried cranberries, and mayo served on your choice of cornmeal-dusted bread. I chose the jalapeno bread, which was delicious. For another example of a common food prepared uncommonly well, try a side of “S’mac and Cheese” ($3), a decadent and impressive twist on macaroni and cheese made with a regionally-sourced macaroni.

I admire a “go big or go home” spirit, and Twine is shooting for the moon in some ways. This is a place that houses a community reading library (bring a book you’ve read and trade it for one of their books) and a Japanese-style private tea room. And why not? Proprietor Rick Rose is already doing something unexpected by opening this restaurant on the first floor of the former Motor Hotel. Why not go for the flying cliff-jump and make it a place that serves jalapeno and watermelon-infused agua fresca ($2) instead of regular water? Judging from the early crowds and the positive buzz, an unlikely twist like Twine may be just what Shreveport-Bossier’s been craving.

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