The Shreveport Little Theatre continues to rise from the ashes

Since 1922, the Shreveport Little Theatre has been bringing musicals, plays, dramas and comedies to generations of local performing arts lovers. 90 years, a handful of wars, a depression and two fires later, the SLT is still producing quality live entertainment at 812 Margaret Place. Though displaced at times, the Shreveport Little Theatre is possibly “the oldest continuously producing community theatre in America.” How does a place like this continue to rise from ashes time and time again? The answer is unanimously the patrons, the community and the leadership of this real life phoenix and pillar of history and performing arts in Shreveport-Bossier.

Now, with its extended 168 seat theatre, added stage wings and expanded backstage space the building is open for the community to enjoy. And enjoy you should.  More than half way through its 90th season, the SLT will present Over the Tavern, a religious comedy set in the 1950’s on select dates March 1-11. Click here to see show times and ticket information. Take a moment to ‘Like’ them on Facebook and stay up-to-date on all SLT happenings.


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