Get your fill of the blues with Soulfish

There’s nothing like that good ol’ deep down, funky kind of blues that seeps into your skin, penetrates through your bones and gets right to your core.

You know that kind of blues that’s so good that when you hear the music thumping, it makes even the most tone-deaf person in the room want to just close their eyes and bellow out their sorrows right along with the singer?

Well, fortunately you won’t ever have a hard time finding that kind of blues in this town. Tonight, you can get it downtown when local band Soulfish Blues Band takes the stage at Lake Street Dancehall.

And if they sound anything like they do here, you might as well get those vocal chords warmed up because you’ll be howling and nodding your head all night long.

Lead singer Julia Perrodin’s soulful sound, (think Janis Joplin, Etta James and a little bit of Aretha), is the perfect complement to lead guitarist Gary Huntsman’s soul-stirring licks and Bill Allen’s heart-thumping bass guitar. Throw in the steady, solid beat of Bruce Procell on drums and you get that nice, cohesive old school groove that will instantly take away whatever troubles you have on your mind.

So don’t deny yourself. Wind down from a hard day’s work and sing your cares away with Soulfish Blues Band.

Soulfish Blues Band performs tonight, Dec. 9, 8 p.m. at Lake Street Dancehall at 425 Lake St., Shreveport. Call (318) 222-2556 or (318) 918-9671 for more information.


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