Non-stop laughter begins with Rickey Smiley

When I heard the other day that comedian Rickey Smiley is headed to the Municipal Auditorium next Friday, Dec. 9, I immediately thought back to the first time I witnessed his gut-busting stand-up show.

I was a sophomore in college and his act was part of the roster of homecoming activities at our campus that weekend. Most of us had never heard of him prior to that ( I guess I’m telling my age now…) But by the end of the night we definitely remembered him as the man who made us laugh non-stop until stomachs ached and tears flowed all over the place as he did his impersonations of the everyday friends, relatives and other characters we’ve all encountered at least once.

I’ve seen him at least two more times since then, and I still catch myself laughing out loud whenever I hear his CDs or catch his Rickey Smiley Morning Show where he’s especially known for his prank calls, like this one.

So if you’re looking for a way to de-stress at the end of your week, here’s my prescription: a night of Rickey Smiley at the Municipal Auditorium and an extra pair of pants because he’s going to keep you in stitches *bah-doom-boom-pssh.* (Too corny? Just stick to writing? Ok, I got it.)

Click here for tickets.


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