Christmas in Roseland = holiday fun and workout all in one

Ok let’s be honest, chances are you’re going to eat way too much at tomorrow’s Thanksgiving eat-a-thon dinner. (Or am I just projecting?) So, consider this – instead of lying around for the rest of the weekend in a pool of misery and guilt, why not start burning off those calories and getting in the holiday mood at the same time? I’m talking about taking a walk around one of the area’s most prized, holiday wonderlands, the 28th Annual Christmas in Roseland.

This multi-weekend holiday event is practically a rite of passage for Shreveport-Bossier City area residents. I mean, I can remember as far back as my single-digit, childhood years walking around with my mouth hanging open in sheer awe as I took in what seemed like a gazillion, colorful lights and displays. And believe it or not, I felt that exact same way when I went again as an adult. It’s the perfect setting for everything from a fun family night out to a romantic stroll for two.

Plus, it’s grown a lot bigger since then, featuring more than a million lights, dozens of displays, entertainment and so much more, all spread out over the 118-acre American Rose Center. Additionally, this year’s event will feature an art exhibit, “Deck These Halls,” showcasing the works of a local art collective of cartoonists, 4AFTER5.

So there you have it – a good cardio workout and holiday fun all mixed into one activity. You can’t beat that.

Bonus: Don’t miss out on today’s special discount  for admission to Christmas in Roseland.


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