Last week, when posted their article “20 Best Foods at State Fair of Louisiana,” it reminded me that I’d yet to make the trip out to the State Fair of Louisiana to eat my way down the midway. And while I’m clearly not as adventurous an eater as the staff (I’ll pass on the deep-fried lamb testicles, but thanks just the same), I am morally obligated to house at least one giant turkey leg around the first week of November each year. You can see their fantastic slide show of fair food here – they did a tremendous job sniffing out unusual dishes like “Gator n’ Taters,” Crawfish and Crab Boudin, Habanero-spiced peanut brittle, and more. I personally sought out my annual nemesis, the giant turkey leg (see above) and also picked up a pulled pork and pepper-stuffed “Gordita” from the Nicky’s booth. I thought long and hard about the Red Velvet Funnel Cake and the Deep-Fried Watermelon for dessert, but decided to skip the sweets. There’s always next year!

Want to see more of the State Fair? Check out our Flickr page for some newly-added images of rides, food, and more.


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