Monsour’s: Po-Boys and…Pastalaya?

If you work in or around downtown Shreveport, chances are you’ve heard some talk about the new Monsour’s restaurant located at 830 Fannin St, former home of the Silver Dollar Grocery and the short-lived Cassandra’s restaurant. It’s necessary to say the “new” Monsour’s because there have been several Monsour’s restaurants in downtown Shreveport over the years. The first opened in 1900, which is also approximately the number of different beers stocked by Monsour’s Real Pickle, a Monsour family restaurant located on Line Ave. This family’s restaurants, which typically blend Louisiana fare with Italian cuisine, are a Shreveport tradition.

The new Monsour’s is no exception. Po-boys and muffulettas can be found on the menu, mostly for $12-$15, but this incarnation of Monsour’s acknowledges its close proximity to downtown corner offices by including menu items like the 8 oz. prime rib fillet ($22). To answer the first question asked by most Real Pickle fans about the new digs: Yes, you can get the Crawfish Corn Chowder here, and it’s incredible when appropriately spiced up with Tabasco.

I ordered the house specialty, a concoction called Pastalaya. Toss the central ingredients of a creole Jambalaya (like chicken, andouille sausage, garlic, peppers, green onions) in farfalle pasta and add a spicy, delicious broth, and you’ve got Pastalaya. It’s a huge serving for $12. I found it a creative, inspired dish and perfectly representative of the Monsour family’s tradition of combining cuisines from continents half a world apart. It definitely left me wanting to return.

Monsour’s can be reached by calling (318) 220-4612. It is located at 830 Fannin St., very near the new Millennium Studios complex in Ledbetter Heights.

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