Tonight: Huge local rock showcase/fundraiser at Municipal Auditorium


Adam Dale, lead singer of The American Tragedy, performs live.

Beginning at 5:15 p.m. tonight (Saturday, August 6) at Municipal Auditorium, a slate of homegrown rock bands will be performing at a fundraiser concert benefiting Media Star Entertainment Hall, an all-ages rock venue. Media Star was open for a while last year, hosting mid-range touring acts like Christian metal icons Underoath (see video from their show here) and African-inspired instrumental rock band Toubab Krewe. The venue was cited for code violations (the most costly was a required $30,000 fire sprinkler system), which required it to close while making the necessary upgrades to operate legally and safely.

The bands performing tonight are: Irene and the Sleepers (5:15 p.m.), Porcelain Arms (6 p.m.), Shayliff (6:45 p.m.), Dylan the Astronaut (7:30 p.m.), Ballet (8:15 p.m.), April’s Love Affair (9 p.m.), and The American Tragedy (10 p.m.). Admission is $15 and tickets will be available at the door.

The video above is the latest music video from The American Tragedy. It’s called “Louisiana Loves Her Dead,” and is directed by local Stephen Patrick Walker.


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